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Allows efficient application over broad surfaces

  • High performance - The rigid, stainless steel cannula enables a thin, uniform spray for consistent product utilization and broad area coverage
  • Designed exclusively for use with CO2 gas only – primary gas of choice to use in laparoscopic procedures
  • Patient vent line – dynamically vents gas through the trocar vent valve, providing pressure stability during application
  • Reduced gas flow rate – flow rate of DUPLOSPRAY MIS is approximately 2 L/min; open gas spray systems (not designed for endoscopic use) can have flow rates as high as 20 L/min1,2


A control unit that uses pressurized gas for uniform spray delivery. The DUPLOSPRAY MIS Regulator enables a safe, aerosolized endoscopic spray application by reducing gas flow rate and dynamically venting gas throughout the spray application. The DUPLOSPRAY MIS Regulator is to be used only with spray applicators specified for use with this device.

DUPLOSPRAY M.I.S. Applicator


A disposable spray set applicator consisting of a stainless steel shaft, dual-lumen spray tubing, sterile filler, and 2 replaceable spray tips. The DUPLOSPRAY MIS Applicator delivers a thin, uniform film of fibrin sealant over wound surfaces. Applicator is designed for use with the DUPLOSPRAY MIS Regulator. Available in cases of 5 and sizes 20 cm, 30 cm, and 40 cm.



A mobile roll stand unit with a 5-leg aluminum base, wire storage basket, drive handle, and stainless steel CO2 E-tank bottle bracket that enables convenient usage of the DUPLOSPRAY MIS System.

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Selected Important Risk Information

Air or gas embolism has occurred when fibrin sealant was administered using pressurized gas. This can occur if a spray device is used at higher than recommended pressures and in close proximity to the tissue surface.3

Do not inject TISSEEL directly into the circulatory system or into highly vascularized tissue. Intravascular application of TISSEEL can lead to intravascular coagulation, can result in life-threatening thromboembolic events, and can increase the likelihood and severity of acute hypersensitivity reactions in susceptible patients.3

Rx Only. For safe and proper use of these devices please refer to applicable Instructions for Use.

†as compared to a manual spray device